"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

segunda-feira, 11 de junho de 2007

Media Release - Opposition discredited over its claim for peace, law & order

Vote for FRETILIN!
2007 Parliamentary Elections

"Defending Timor-Leste's independence"

Media release
10 June 2007

Opposition discredited over its claim for peace, law & order

"The leader of CNRT chose to blame FRETILIN for the fatal shootings at
Viqueque last week claiming them to be acts of political violence. His
totally unfounded accusations against FRETILIN serve only to undermine
his claim to stand for peace, law and order" said FRETILIN President
Francisco Lu Olo Guterres today.

"CNRT's actual proposal for law and order is a modest repetition of
the FRETILIN government's. We are proud of our track record – to
ensure that corruption is controlled by a truly independent
Inspector-General and the Office of the Ombudsman, a National
Parliament able to hold the government accountable, a judiciary
capable of speedy and fair justice, reforming of both the police
(PNTL) and the army (F-FDTL) as professional, non-politicised,
security institutions," said Lu Olo.

"Where the CNRT leader goes wrong is his allegation that it was the
FRETILIN government which organised or at least 'allowed' the police
and the army to fight each other last year, bringing our young nation
again to its knees," said Lu Olo.

"The CNRT leader himself must take responsibility for including as a
candidate for his party the former head of the police, Paulo Martins,
who was named by the UN Independent Special Commission of Inquiry last
year for unauthorised arming of a force led by Deputy Commander Abilio
Mesquita, who later led a group to attack the home of Brigadier
General Taur Matan Ruak on May 24, 2006" said Lu Olo.

The UN Report states on page 41:

The PNTL General Commander removed weapons from the PNTL National
Armoury without the knowledge of the armoury officer. On 23 March 60
Steyr weapons and 50 boxes of ammunition were sent to the URP compound
at Alieu. On 15 April 10 Steyr weapons and ammunition were sent to the
Liquiça police station. Following the 25 May incident he ordered 10
Steyr weapons and ammunition to be stored at Gleno police station. The
Commission also notes with concern the selective arming of western
PNTL officers under the command of PNTL Dili District Deputy Commander
Abilio Mesquita, who conducted weapons training of 10 western PNTL
officers from the Dili District Task Force on 11 May. Thereafter,
those officers remained under his command and were armed with Steyr
weapons. A further 20 western PNTL officers were armed with Steyr
weapons by Commander Mesquita on 17 May and thereafter came under his
command. This training and arming of western PNTL officers was done
with the authority of the PNTL General Commander.

"These weapons distributed by Paulo Martins and used to try to
overthrow the elected FRETILIN government are the very ones that the
leader of CNRT is using to now say that FRETILIN was responsible for
the violence.

"Exactly the same problem arises for the leader of CNRT in relation to
Railos and his armed group. The UN Independent Special Commission of
Inquiry said that Railos should be charged and put on trial, but it
hasn't happened. The leader of CNRT should take responsibility for
that, but instead, Railos is a campaign coordinator for CNRT today in
Liquica District.

"This double talk must end now," said Lu Olo.

"The leader of CNRT knows full well that after the UN Independent
Special Commission of Inquiry call for more investigation of former
Prime Minister Dr Alkatiri in relation to the arms distribution, there
was a sustained, lengthy investigation which concluded that there was
no case to answer," argued Lu Olo. "Why does he continue to quote the
UN report but not the outcome of the investigation? Is he trying to
mislead the people by providing only half the story?"

"This Parliamentary election is above all about peace and security,
and uplifting our people from poverty. FRETILIN has been the victim of
the violence of this last year and a half, and not its instigator. We
ask the people to vote for FRETILIN candidates on June 30 because a
FRETILIN government will act to:
• stop the perpetrators of violence,
• continue its fine record of fighting corruption,
• strengthen our judicial capacity,
• rebuild our police and army on professional lines, and
• carry through the economic development program to achieve GDP growth
of 7% per year, based on sound management of the Petroleum Fund."

"FRETILIN challenges the Opposition parties to reveal to the public
the details of its proposed programs rather then to continue to talk
in vague terms using slogans without substance" said Lu Olo.

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