"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

segunda-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2008

Media Release: FRETILIN calls for support to military operation and urges peaceful surrender




Dili, 25.02.08

FRETILIN calls for support to military operation and urges peaceful surrender

FRETILIN today urged its supporters to give every assistance to the military operation underway to capture army mutineers suspected of having carried out the attacks in Dili on February 11.

At the same time, the party appealed to armed fugitives to surrender peacefully, in order to avoid further death and suffering.

FRETILIN President Francisco Guterres LuOlo and General Secretary Mari Alkatiri made the appeal at a press conference at the parliament in Dili.

Both speakers stressed that FRETILIN did not want to see the people of Timor-Leste undergo any further death or suffering during the extended State of Siege and military operation authorized by the government against groups involved in the attacks on the President of the Republic and the de facto Prime Minister.

“On behalf of FRETILIN and its parliamentary wing we appeal to all armed groups of fugitives led by Mr. Gastao Salsinha to voluntarily surrender themselves to the security forces,” party president LuOlo said.

FRETILIN Secretary General Dr. Mari Alkatiri said: “We appeal to the people, including FRETILIN members and supporters to provide every assistance they can to the F-FDTL/PNTL joint command operation to enable them to undertake their operations with success.”

Dr Alkatiri appealed “especially to Gastao Salsinha and his armed group not to resist the military operations being undertaken against them. It is better for you to surrender. You will only be able to contribute to the process of achieving the truth and justice if you remain alive.”

He added: “Our people have suffered enough, with many still living under tents and tarpaulins. Some are still suffering effects of injuries from violence and some have died. Our country does not need any more dead or wounded. For this reason, our party, who is accountable to the people, appeals to all armed groups to surrender themselves and their weapons, so that we can resolve this issue with justice and peace.”

Both LuOlo and Alkatiri vowed that FRETILIN would continue to work hard in the parliament to ensure that Timor-Leste does not experience any more unnecessary death or suffering during the State of Siege.

“FRETILIN repeats its call made from the beginning of the crisis, that any persons providing assistance to the fugitive armed groups should cease doing so because it will only bring grief and suffering to them and their families,” added LuOlo.

Finally, FRETILIN appealed to all major institutions in Timor-Leste, including the Catholic Church, other religious organizations and NGOs to contribute to seeking a path that will enhance the welfare of all Timorese in this time of national crisis.

For Further Information call Nilva Gimaraes, Media Officer, FRETILIN Parliamentary Group +670 734 0389