"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

terça-feira, 23 de setembro de 2008

Media Release: Government unable to champion onshore LNG plant from Greater Sunrise – Mari Alkatiri


Media Release

September 23, 2008

Government unable to champion onshore LNG plant from Greater Sunrise – Mari Alkatiri

The de facto AMP government lead by Xanana Gusmão is showing itself to be totally incapable to provide the legal, technical and economic arguments that can convince the Greater Sunrise joint venture partners that a pipeline to Timor-Leste and an onshore LNG processing plant is the best and most viable option for the field's development, said the former Timorese Prime Minister Dr Alkatiri today.

Dr Alkatiri negotiated both the Timor Sea treaty and the Certain Maritime Arrangements in the Timor Sea (CMATS) Treaty. He was speaking from Dili today after having met with his parliamentary colleagues to discuss recent developments and media reports that the Greater Sunrise joint venture had decided on Darwin as the location for the LNG plant to process the gas from Greater Sunrise.

"I think that the media reports of a site location decision by the Sunrise joint venture are premature. From recent discussions with Woodside's top executives in charge of the project during a recent visit to Dili, I don't believe the investment decision has been made yet. So the media reports are misleading and mischievous. As far as I can gauge, it is just a lot of noise," Dr Alkatiri said.

"But they are uncomfortable about other noise coming from the Timor-Leste side that may lead them to question whether or not this Timor-Leste government knows the ground rules for the legal and technical process which will guide the discussions on which will be the best and most viable option for developing the Greater Sunrise field. I am worried by statements from people like the de facto Prime Minister and his Secretary of State for Natural Resources that it is a matter for the two governments to discuss. This is just wrong," stressed Dr Alkatiri.

In recent media reports following Mr Gusmão's visit to Australia, where this issue was discussed between Mr Gusmão and Australian Prime Minister Rudd, Mr Gusmão is quoted as having said: "This is an issue for negotiation between the two governments", meaning the governments of Timor-Leste and Australia.

"This is wrong because the Treaty documents set out the criteria, the process and the mechanism for joint decision making. The developers of Greater Sunrise will present a proposal to the Sunrise Treaty Commission which will decide whether or not the development plan meets the technical and economic criteria set out by the treaty. Its not for the two government's to negotiated as this de facto government thinks," added Dr Alkatiri.

"Then you add the suspicion arising from the government's signing of hitherto secret agreements with international oil companies who have no legal stake in the Greater Sunrise field. According to the explanation given by the Secretary of State during recent parliamentary hearings, this secret agreement purports to give them rights to market the gas from the field which they do not have, but in fact rests with the downstream contractors. I think we have a very volatile mix that will place in jeopardy Timor-Leste's chances of getting a pipeline and LNG plant on our shores. This is a goal we all share and we support any government that tries to achieve that. But we have an obligation to speak out when we see actions that could jeopardize our chances," Dr Alkatiri stressed.

Dr Alkatiri repeated his offer that FRETILIN have always been ready, willing and able to contribute with their extensive experience in negotiating these resource-related matters, through an appropriate inclusive and consultative body established for this specific purpose.

"That is how we were able to negotiate the outcomes we did during our government against the odds. We included everyone, civil society, opposition in parliament, the president, everyone," he said in closing.



23 Setembru 2008


Governu defaktu AMP nian ne'ebé lidera hosi Xanana Gusmão hatudu ona katak sira la iha liu kapasidade atu ható argumentu legal, tékniku no ekonómiku ne'ebé bele konvense parseirus esplorasaun Greater Sunrise nian atu dada kanu no hari estasaun prosesamentu gaz nian iha Timor-Leste nia rai laran, maske opsaun ida ne'e mak diak liu ba dezenvolve kampu ne'e, Eis-Primeiru-Ministru Mari Alkatiri dehan ohin.

Dr Alkatiri mak halao negosiasaun ba Tratadu Tasi Timor nian no Tratadu kona ba akordu balu ne'ebé halo ba Tasi Timor nian (CMATS). Nia koalia kona ba Greater Sunrise iha Dili hafoin hetan malu ho deputadus FRETILIN nian hodi diskuti akontesimentus ikus liu kona ba kampu ne'e tamba rona foin dadauk ne'e hosi media katak parseirus sira seluk hakarak halo prosesamentu gaz hosi Greater Sunrise iha Darwin.

"Hau hanoin katak media halo espekulasaun notísia barak liu no kolian la los kona ba kompañia sira foti desizaun fatin prosesamentu gáz hosi Greater Sunrise ba Australia. Foin lalais ne'e hau hetan malu iha Dili ho ezekutivu Woodside nian, ema ne'ebé kaer projetu ne'e. Sira hatete mai hau no hau fiar katak sira seidauk hola desizaun kona ba investimentu ida ne'e. 

Notisia hosi media halo ema hanoin sala no ida ne'e ladiak. Hau hanoin katak media sira halo deit estrondu bo'ot, " Alkatiri hatete.

"Maibé sira nia laran la metin hela tamba bele iha mo'os estrondu seluk mosu sai iha Timor-Leste. Balu bele litik Governu Timor-Leste, sé hatene duni ka lae, oinsá atu diskute kona ba aspetu legal no tékniku atu haré opsaun ida ne'ebé mak diak liu ba dezenvolve Greater Sunrise. 

Hau preokupa bainhira rona deklarasaun hosi ema balu, hanesan Primeiru-Ministru defaktu no ninia Sekretáriu de Estadu Rekursus Naturais nian katak governu rua mak tenke diskuti kona ba fatin prosesamentu gáz nian. Ne'e kolian sala ona," Dr. Alkatiru haforsa.

Hafoin Sr Gusmão halao visita ba Austrália no diskute asuntu ne'e ho Sr. Rudd, Primeiru-Ministru Austrália nian, media tatoli katak Sr Gusmão hatete: " Ida ne'e assuntu ida ba governu rua atu halo negosiasaun ", governu Timor-Leste no Austrália nian.

"Ida ne'e sala tamba Tratadu ne'ebé ita asina iha dokumentus ne'ebé defini kritérius, iha prosesu no mekanismu ba ita halo desizaun hamutuk. Partes ne'ebé atu dezenvolve Greater Sunrise tenki aprezenta proposta ida ba Komisaun Tratadu Greater Sunrise nian no komisaun ne'e mak sei haré sé planu dezenvolvimentu tuir ka la tuir Tratadu ninia kritérius legais, téknikus no ekonómikus. Ida ne'e la'os asuntu ba Governu rua atu halo negosiasaun hanesan Governu de faktu hatete", Dr. Alkatiri hatutan.

" Iha mo'os suspeita kona ba akordu sekretu ne'ebé governu halo ho kompañia internasional minarai nian, kompañia ne'ebé la iha kbi'it legal ba halo parte explorasaun kampu Greater Sunrise nian. Tuir explikasaun ne'ebé Sekretáriu Estadu ható foin lalais ne'e ba Parlamentu Nasional, akordu sekretu ne'e sei fó direitus ba kompañia sira ne'e atu halo kampanha atu fa'an gáz hosi kampu ne'e, maibe direitus ne'e sira la iha. Kontratores sira liu husi Woodside mak iha. Hau hanoin sira kahur arbiru deit ona no ida nee sei haklot dalan ba Timor-Leste atu hetan oportunidade ba dada kadoras gáz nian no hari fatin prosesamentu gás nian iha ita nia rai laran.

"Ita hotu iha objetivu ida deit no ami fó apoiu ba governu ida ne'ebé deit, ne'ebé tenta hetan objetivu ne'e. Maibé ami iha obrigasaun atu koalia hasoru bainhira ami haré katak sira nia hahalok bele haklot dalan ba ita hetan objetivu ida ne'e", Dr Alkatiri hatete.

Dr. Alkatiri oferese dala ida ta'an katak FRETILIN prontu hanesan bai'bain kedas, hakarak no iha kapasidade ba kontribui ho esperiénsia barak ne'ebé iha atu halo negosiasaun diak kona ba asuntu rekursus nian, maibé, kontribuisaun ne'e tenke liu hosi organismu inkluzivu konsultoria nian ne'ebé sei hari ba asuntu espesífiku ida ne'e deit.

" Hanesan ne'e mak ami konsegue hetan buat ne'ebé ami nia governu hetan horiuluk maske dalan klot tebes. Ami inklui ema hotu, sosiedade sivil, opozisaun iha Parlamentu, Prezidenti, ema hotu-hotu", nia remata ho ida ne'e.

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