"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

quinta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2008

Media Release: FRETILIN says: “AMP Government cannot defend the State.”


Dili, 24 January 2008

FRETILIN says: “AMP Government cannot defend the State.”

Timor Leste’s largest political party FRETILIN today accused the “AMP” government
of failing totally in its responsibility to defend and strengthen the key state institutions of
an independent Timor-Leste.
Speaking at a press conference today in Dili, FRETILIN Secretary-General Mari Alkatiri said that over
the last few weeks there have been many more examples of the Gusmão government behaving
illegitimately and irresponsibly.
“We see examples almost daily of illegal and unconstitutional decisions, especially in the way public
money is being spent and public assets are being used,” said Mr. Alkatiri.
“Last week, thousands of hectares of Timor-Leste’s scarce agricultural land was handed over to a foreign
investor to grow sugar cane, without consulting local communities and with no reference to any overall
plan for agricultural land use and development.”
Mr Alkatiri continued: “Tendering processes are not transparent. Ministers are acting without taking
advice from their own Directors. Instead of working through our Timorese Public Service, task forces
are set up, increasing dependence on foreign advisers.”
FRETILIN’s President Lu’Olo reinforced Mr Alkatiri’s statement. “The undermining of the justice
sector is obvious,” said Lu’Olo. “Reinado remains free even though he is accused of the most serious
crimes against the State. The security forces cannot provide security and defend the rule of law because
different institutions issue different instructions. The IDPs will never return home if there is no security.”
FRETILIN is also demanding investigation of other examples of maladministration, including the
dismissal or downgrading of public servants without due process; inappropriate public service selection;
excessive expenditure by government members on their own security; overseas trips taken without any
clear program; and attacks on freedom of the press and the institution of parliament
“The parliament is a key institution in a democracy,” said Mr. Lu’Olo. “The AMP government treats it
with no respect, using its majority to force matters through without proper discussion, breaking the
Parliament’s own rules. The Budget was approved without any transparency about the process of
Mr Alkatiri concluded: “Timor-Leste is in danger of becoming a failed state. FRETILIN has clear
proposals to stop this. We put forward a proposal to the UN Secretary General, to use high-level
Commissions which include FRETILIN representation to investigate and resolve the problems in key
including Security, Justice, Reinado & the petitioners, the IDPs, and Reform of the Public
Administration, PNTL and F-FFDTL.”

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