"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

quarta-feira, 2 de julho de 2008

Media Release: Timor Leste: Second defeat for controversial gun law


Media Release
July 2, 2008

Timor Leste: Second defeat for controversial gun law

A controversial new gun law proposed by Timor Leste’s de facto government suffered a second defeat in parliament on Monday, and debate on the draft law was postponed.

Article 4 of the draft law, drawn up by Xanana Gusmao’s AMP (Parliamentary Majority Alliance) without any public consultation, would empower the national police commander to licence civilians to obtain and carry firearms.

Following Monday’s vote, FRETILIN’s parliamentary leader Aniceto Guterres called on the AMP leadership to allow MPs a conscience vote on the issue.

“FRETILIN believes Timor Leste needs fewer guns, not more, and many AMP members of parliament agree with us,” Guterres said.

The legislation was first voted down on June 25 (by 23 votes to 11 with 3 abstentions) with AMP members siding with FRETILIN and other opposition parties.
FRETILIN’s parliamentary leader Aniceto Guterres said AMP leaders tried to resurrect Article 4 in parliament on Monday, June 30.

“FRETILIN again proposed the elimination of Article 4, and our position was supported by 25 votes to 17. Everyone in the chamber counted it as such, but the vote was formally declared of 25 votes against our motion and 20 in favour. We objected and a second vote was held immediately which resulted in 23 in favour, 23 against and 7 abstentions – a tie,” Guterres said.

“In the event of a tied vote, the standing rules of parliament provide for another vote after further debate, but that was not immediately possible because parliament became too unruly. Parliament then agreed on a joint motion to suspend the debate.

“Our people have had enough of being subjected to armed groups disrupting their lives. That’s why FRETILIN opposes this legislation and we know that many AMP members agree with us. But they are obviously under pressure to tow the line.”
Guterres said the de facto government had ignored FRETILIN’s offer last week to discuss how to reach consensus on a new draft law, opting instead for a confrontational approach.

“If the gun law comes back in the same form or substantially the same form, we will again oppose it,” he said.

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Anónimo disse...

The Politics of Xanana or banana??

Dear Fretilin Leaders, maubere people and readers!!

Xanana's undemocratic government begins to play a drama without value. Xanana knows that parliament and the people of East Timor will not accept the
Gun law. It is a kind of satirised politic to humiliate people or Xanana's want to play that drama to entertain those who elected him because he does not know how to run the country.

His drama reflects all his ministers are puppets. How many hours, and other resources are spent to play that drama that they already know, it will not be accepted by Parliament and east Timor people. It is a type of corruption. Xanana misuses the money without a clear purpose.

It is better for him to be a pupkin farmer. But the problem is that most of East Timor is so sentimentally constructed so when Xanana cries, those who choose him saying Xanana is a good leader.

So, Xanana now plays with his banana and only his wife can buy his banana.

This is a kind of plays that I want to play with Xanana too.