"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

quinta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2007

Media Release - FRETILIN demands an end to political interference in Railos case



Media release

4 October 2007

FRETILIN demands an end to political interference in Railos case

FRETILIN today welcomed the arrest of a key figure in last year’s violent coup attempt against the former FRETILIN government and demanded that the new government allow the judiciary to conduct the investigation and trial without further political interference.

FRETILIN’s parliamentary leader Aniceto Guterres said he hoped a thorough investigation and trial of Vicente da Conceicao, alias Railos, would identify other key players in the coup attempt.

United Nations (UNPOL) and Timorese police arrested Railos yesterday after FRETILIN General Secretary Mari Alkatiri told the UNPOL commander last Friday that if UNPOL did not arrest Railos then FRETILIN militants would do so and hand him over to UNPOL unharmed.

A United Nations Independent Special Commission of Inquiry in October last year recommended Railos be prosecuted for his role in leading an attack on an army barracks on 24 May 2006 in which as many as nine people were killed, and for “the illegal possession, use and movement” of weapons.

Aniceto Guterres said today Railos was arrested on a warrant issued on 13 September 2007.

Guterres said: “Railos has been allowed to go free for a year thanks to protection from senior politicians including (former President and now Prime Minister) Jose Alexandre Gusmao.

“Gusmao openly used Railos as his party’s campaign co-ordinator in the recent parliamentary elections where Railos intimidated voters in the Liquica and Ermera districts.”

Guterres pointed to a report by the European Union Election Observation Mission on the parliamentary election in June this year which stated that: As already stated in the preliminary statement issued after the second round of the presidential elections, the EU EOM is concerned with the involvement of Vicente da Conceição, a.k.a. Rai Los, as CNRT campaign coordinator in the district of Liquiçá, despite having been recommended for prosecution on criminal charges by the United Nations Independent Special Commission of Inquiry for Timor-Leste, created to investigate the events that led to the May 2006 crisis (http://www.eueomtimorleste.org/parl/PDF/EUEOM%20TL%20Parliamentary%20Elections%20FINAL.pdf)

Guterres said: “FRETILIN believes a thorough investigation and trial of Railos will help reveal those behind the armed coup against the FRETILIN government. It was Railos’ attack on the Timor Leste army, along with attacks against the State by army fugitive Alfredo Reinado and Deputy Police Commander Abilio Mesquita which helped bring the government down.

“On the 27th of September 2007 FRETILIN tabled in parliament a copy of a letter from then President Gusmao and then police commander Paulo Martins, now a Gusmao-aligned member of parliament, dated 29 May 2006 which stated that as Railos and his group were undertaking "official duties", they were to be allowed to move unimpeded throughout Timor Leste.

“At the time, Railos and his group were armed and had just participated in the attack against the Timor-Leste army on 23-24 May 2006.

“The signed letter allowed Railos to possess firearms despite then President Gusmao having signed an agreement inviting international forces into Timor-Leste on the basis that all groups be disarmed including the police.

“It shows that Gusmao was using Railos for his own unlawful purposes because as President of the Republic he had no authority to allow Railos to be armed. This is another example of blatant contempt of the rule of law by Gusmao.

“This letter of safe passage allowed Railos to systematically intimidate voters in the Liquica, Ermera and Bobonaro Districts. He was also able to meet with an Australian Broadcasting Corporation television crew and participate in a Four Corners program, which was used to broadcast false and defamatory allegations that former Interior Minister Rogerio Lobato and Mari Alkatiri had armed civilians to eliminate political opponents.

“As we now know, Railos’ allegations were false. The investigation found no evidence against Dr Alkatiri and the trial of Rogerio Lobato found that while he did arm civilians, his purpose was to support the police when the institutions of state were under attack from armed rebels.”

For more information, please contact:

Jose Teixeira (+670) 728 7080

www.timortruth.com, www.fretilin-rdtl.blogspot.com

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Anónimo disse...

Dear leaders of Maubere nation, Maubere people and those who love East Timor as nation of

God create East Timor land and Fretilin leaders and Maubere people create East Timor as Maubere nation and nation that can also belong to those who are not Maubere. This is the teaching of Fretilin leaders and the values that we Maubere want to share with world.

Millions times, the local intellectual use their knowledge to destroy East Timor that Maubere nation that maubere people suffer for. A nation that was not result of the work of highly intellectual people who are with Xanana, the notorious political party, CNRT.

Maubere people never want to be a peasant person or Maubere again, but we appreciate the holy journey of maubere poeple to regain the nation from Indonesia, Soeharto Regime.

We are the generation of Maubere because our ancestors, parents, uncles and grandparents are peasant East Timoresse. East Timor is the labour of Maubere.

Xanana and Ramos Horta now ignore that they are the one who make the dreams of east Timor comes truth. I realise they play small part of it. They do it without principle as they want to get marry after that they went away.

In 1998, Xanana and Ramos already agreed to integrate with Indonesia under the banner of autonmy transition. But Maubere generation did not want. It was a time were maubere people raising up against all political manuver. In that political trends Indonesia president, Mr Habibie, shifted a new policy, grant East Timor with the referedum. Xanana and Ramos mentallity and personallity can bee seen the way they threw away their loving and beatiful wife after the enjoy their beauty.

This sort of personallity, they both apply in polical life. They dishnour the maubere people who suffer the most for the nation. They did not represent those people who suffer the most, but Xanana and Ramos devided East Timor people on one land to gain political power in a harsh way; they both use the politic of cockfighting

Fretilin leaders and Maubere people. let's fight with values. We do not want both of them to make the nation as a prostitute or nation without an honour.

Fretilin since 1975 declared all East Timor people united in the spirit of Mauberism, one land and one nation, one people.

We all hope the world will respect Fretilin and Maubere people as one entity that have delivered the great universal values; Democracy, freedom, justice and humanity. Fretilin leaders and Maubere people will continue to preseve it.

I hope the world care about universal values that we all share.

We want East Timor as a labour of Fretilin leaders and and Maubere people, not Xanana and Ramos.

Maubere people who give them power to enjoy, but now both them still use their knowledge of waging war.

Maubere people don't need these leaders and war minded people must out from any political arena; both domestic and international.

We need a brave people such Dr. Marii, Dr. Anna pessoa and their other friends to establish a strong foundation for the survival and existence of East Timor as a nation rather enducing East Timor people with political lollies.

Those who still choose, stick and love Fretilin, it is clear manifestation of East Timor culture; whatever happens with Fretilin is domestic issue, but we don't use domestic issue to destroy Fretilin. Fretilin as mother who has done such difficult labour and who have carried the pain with their children.

Let's embrace Fretilin with love and forgiveness. Fretilin is a great herritage for each person who love great values.

let's stand up Maubere!! Let's love Fretilin. Fretilin teaches us about the great things. Now i know Democracy, freedom, justice and human rights because of Fretilin.