"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2007

Media Release - Illegitimate government attacks senior judge



Media release

30 August 2007

Illegitimate government attacks senior judge

TimorLeste’s new illegitimate government has again struck at the independence of the judiciary with Minister for Justice Ms Lucia Lobato attempting to smear a UN appointed District Court judge who issued a court order she did not like.

FRETILIN Member of Parliament Jose Teixeira, an Australian-trained lawyer, said the Justice Minister deliberately misled to parliament about the actions of Justice Ivo Rosa who ordered that former Interior Minister Rogerio Lobato be permitted to travel to Malaysia for medical treatment on the advice of three foreign doctors.

Teixeira today said Ms Lobato misled parliament when she claimed Justice Rosa was at Dili airport on the same day the Minister interfered with the court order regarding Rogerio Lobato.

“Justice Rosa was not at the airport that day as the Minister for Justice well knows,” Teixeira said.

“She has tried to dishonestly imply that Justice Rosa somehow authorised her to prevent Rogerio Lobato leaving Timor Leste.

“This is contemptible from a Minister who is trying to smear the name of a United Nations-appointed judge who issued a court order she did not agree with. In only one month the Minister has developed a reputation for having absolutely no respect for the independence of the judiciary.

“On the very first day of the new government, it illegally interfered with a court order by preventing Rogerio Lobato’s aircraft from taking off. Then the Justice Minister tried to insist that Rogerio Lobato’s two children remain in Timor Leste as virtual hostages pending his return from treatment.

“Justice Rosa had to issue a new direction saying the Justice Minister could be in contempt of court if she prevented Rogerio Lobato from travelling.

"FRETILIN in government never interfered with the justice system including when Rogerio Lobato, a senior FRETILIN figure, was arrested, tried, sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison, and failed to win his appeal."

Teixeira said the Justice Minister’s assault on the judiciary is just one of many examples of members of the illegitimate government showing contempt for judicial processes.

“During the recent parliamentary election campaign, the Gusmao-led CNRT party appointed disgraced former army sergeant Vicente de Conceicao (aka Railos) to head their campaign in Liquica district – despite Railos having been recommended for prosecution by the UN Independent Special Commission of Inquiry last year for alleged murder.

“In July this year, Judge Rosa warned there was compelling evidence to launch a criminal investigation into the issuing of a letter of safe passage for the fugitive Alfredo Reinado who also was recommended for prosecution by the UN for his role in last year’s crisis, including for alleged murder. The letter of safe passage was issued by the Gusmao-appointed Prosecutor-General, Longhuinos Monteiro.”

Teixeira said there were clear signs that Timor Leste under the new regime was sliding towards a police state.

He pointed to demands reported recently in the local media for the arrest of top FRETILIN leaders made by two MPs whose parties hold positions in the illegitimate government, Pedro da Costa (CNRT party) and the President of ASDT, Francisco Xavier do Amaral.

Teixeira said, “Just as it was in Suharto’s time, they are choosing who to prosecute and who to persecute.”

For more information, please contact:

Jose Teixeira +61 438 114 960 (currently in Australia), FRETILIN Media (+670) 733 5060

www.timortruth.com, www.fretilin-rdtl.blogspot.com

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Anónimo disse...

camaradas sira,

Fretilin foti Fransisco Xavier nudar primeiru prezidenti tamba liders Fretilin ohin nian hakarak fo honra ba povu nebe luta ba ukun rasik a'an.

Ba Francisco pesolmente hau la fo valor tamba desde nia monu iha bapak nia liman, nia moris iha Jakarta mak buka feto no joga karta deit.

Hau husu ba camaradas sira atu buka tuir tok. Iha tempo neba nia halo saida nudar primeiru prezidente.

Nia lori povu nebe defende lia los ba hamutuk fali ho intellectual killers " CNRT agora."

Nia nunka halo hanesan ne'e. Problema uma laran Fretilin rezolve neik-neik lao os buka destroi Fretilin. Atu troka camarada Marii ka Luolo la os tenke buka haraun Fretilin.

Naran Fretilin ne'e naran nebe hamaluk ema hotu nebe lakon sira nia emar no riku soin. Freilin nie existensia liu Xanana no Ramos Horta nia existensia.

Hau husu ba camarada sira atu halo movimentu global ida kontra CNRT no intelektual sira nebe inteltualiza Krimi hasoru ita nia povu. Admite sira ukun Timor hanesan mos Jorge Bush foti Osama Bin laden ba President Amerika nian.

Timor nunka fo fatin ba matenek sira nebe la os ho spiritu Maubere no identidade Timor.

Mak ne'e deus no luta nafatin


Maubere disse...

Lucia Lobato kalo hakfodak ho pozisaun ne mak nia lanu be halo arbiru deit ona ne....Ministra Buisoko.