"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

"Defendendo a Independencia de Timor-Leste"

quarta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2008

Media Release: Police investigation misused to smear Fretilin and silence MP




Wednesday February 20, 2008

Police investigation misused to smear Fretilin and silence MP

The police investigation into last week’s shooting of Timor Leste President Jose Ramos-Horta is being misused for political purposes to intimidate and discredit Fretilin, the party’s general secretary, Mari Alkatiri said today.

Dr Alkatiri said Fretilin member of parliament and media spokesman Jose Teixeira was taken to Dili police headquarters last night in a blatant attempt to blacken his name and damage Fretilin’s image.

“This is political persecution – Teixeira is an effective media spokesman and someone in authority wants to shut him up,” he said.

“I demanded an explanation from Timor Leste Police commander Afonso de Jesus who was unable to give any explanation why Teixeira was taken in.

“It is a disgraceful attempt to politicise the police force and use the investigation into the shooting of the president for party-political gain.”

Jose Teixeira, the minister for energy in the former Fretilin government, said six car loads of armed Timorese police took him from his home at 7.15pm on the orders of deputy police commander (operations) Mateus Fernandes.

“They had no warrant for my arrest and the operation apparently was conducted without the knowledge of the senior police investigating officer,” Teixeira said.

“I was brought before the senior police investigator who said my questioning would take place the following day (Wednesday) because he had not yet been briefed on the line of questioning to be taken.

“I was released after a protest from Dr Alkatiri.

“The police asked me to present myself at police headquarters for questioning this morning.

“Given the heavy handed manner in which I was dealt with, without any legal justification, I am taking legal advice as to my options. I have nothing to hide from the investigation, but this is still a country under the rule of law and it is the law which should prevail in dealing with citizens’ rights.”

Contact: Jose Teixeira in Dili phone +670 728 7080

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Anónimo disse...

Xanana is a real killer and Murder: Bring Xanana to justice

If we look back to East Timor past struggle, those Falintil and Fretilin leaders were diaspeared, killed and executed. At that time, the most national secret strategy was between Xanana and those Fretilin and Falintil leaders, but those leaders suddenly executed and killed.

Why is that?

At that time Freilin believe that the right for self-determination is universal rights. Maubere people under the leadership Fretilin was in the face of two options; either legal or negotiation battle. Those two are the main methods within international dispute resolution.

At that time Fretilin appointed Xanana to utilise negotiation was a means for East Timor political resolution. But other leaders such as Maukmoruk and other leaders disagreed with Xanana because for others negotiation means they recongnise the invaders as a legitimate force in East Timor political context. So, they all have a strong views on that strategy.

So what happened at that time? you may ask me.

So the way Xanana approached that political turmoil was this;

From that time, Xanana exercised his power to kill and murder the bravery and intelligent leaders in a way that the enemies were to be blamed. But actually he was the one who cause the death Fretilin and Falintil leaders.


It is for sure that Xanana did not kill those who apposed his views directly, but the way Xanana killed people through indirect strategy. Many Faltintil leaders, who apposed his views, were ambushed and many Fretilin leaders were arrested and killed by enemies. I must acknowledged that some were really ambushed and killed by enemies, but some were specifically designed by Xanana to target those who seemed apposed Xanana's view.

This is very high level of killing as he uses righ now: Reinaldo and salsinha and his followers become his political victim. Xanana used those people to kill Fretilin leaders and Maubere people. This is the Xanana's old pattern strategy in the current democratic nation East Timor.

It is better for Xanana and his followers, who intends to make Fretilin disappear on East Timor land, to stop treat Fretilin leaders and Maubere in undignified manner.

I understand some readers will believe this information and some will never belief it.

I assure you Fretilin leaders and Maubere people will proof it. The right time is yet to come to reveal those things.

But we only ask Xanana and his class elit followers to stop the way they treat Fretilin leaders and Maubere people.

another point:

After the indepedence, Xanana again recruit the former killers who were with the Indonesia Army regime who advised, instructed and implemented massive destruction and killing in East Timor.

The killers and murder are treated with respect and dignified manner, the people who turn East Timor island into the democratic nation turn out to be slaves of Xanana and killers.

Xanana is smart killer and murder. One hand he talks about peace, reconcoliation and unity, on other hand he makes people kill each other and Fretilin is to be condemmed.

The treatment towards Texeira is intolerable. Xanana must be punished under the East Timor law and convicted as a master mind of killing and destruction of East Timor.

Bring Xanana to justice now!!!


Anónimo disse...

Xanana's cruel plan and beyond

Dear Frertilin leaders and Maubere people...,

It is not time to see that situation in East Timor is to smear, misuse, defame Fretilin, but it is a cruel plan of Xanana to eliminate Fretilin leaders and Maubere people who love what is truth and right.

It is a systematic plan. Le'ts fight back in many fronts.

Let's call the herroes of Maubere people to join our struggle against the new enemies of the nation, the notorious killers;

Let's fight back: Remove Xanana from power and dismantle all destructive political party: